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:P Hello adoring fans-- Just kidding. IF any of you are reading this, I'm mostly sure you're not a fan and I'm pretty sure 'adoring' is NOT the right word... 'Fro, you do not count. :iconhahaplz:

I'm fairly sure I will be back, as I just retrieved the KW-Loaned Brick. Updates on what they've changed so far, for my KW attending friends who may not have explored these details themselves, do not have their school issued craptop, or cannot access their account (You know who you are, if you're reading... which unless I'm mistaken you're probably not...). This may or may not help my friends whom of which attend the place across town of which I shall not name, but I am not sure.

My findings so far, not in the order in which I discovered them, but rather in the order they come to mind:
 * Programs, or as Apple would call them, "Apps" do not have to be buried in a folder to work. (I.E. my very own Plants vs. Zombies doesn't have to be in donjohnston>SOLO>students, same goes for minecraft, OE cake, and I assume ES5)

* You cannot put things inside of programs folders, save for MC's texturepack folders. Programs that the laptop have that the school put there, or are there by default cannot have a file manually inserted in said folder, for example, as I stated above, I cannot put MC in donjohnston>SOLO>students. However this is nullified in importance as you do not have to do so to run program.(:iconlaughoutloudplz: I cannot honestly say if this was the tech team's flub up or if it was on purpose. I most certainly do not want to bring their attention to it.) 

*I cannot get to the site to bring my MC to 1.6.... *sad face* The "Lightspeed Filter" at the moment does not seem to actively block it, but rather it states my computer can not "establish a secure connection with the site" unfortunately for me, my knowledge of the wizardcraft and witchery of computers does not extend far enough to know why this is, so for the time being I shall attempt to grab the .dmg I need from one of my friends, provided they are willing. 

*More sites are blocked. If I said I was surprised, I would be a dirty, dirty liar. This coming from someone who's computer had nothing blocked at home. (I DO MEAN NOTHING) Though I do find myself disappointed. Certain sites, this one obviously not included in that number, are blocked and they make no sense. being one of them. It's reason? "Adult" Um.... last time I checked, they have a rating system and a group of admins that patrol the site to keep it relatively internet standards. I shall update if I find a way around this. 

*IF you can get to a site in which you CAN download something, you can usually use it. 'nuff said. 

As it stands that is all I know, this may change in which case I shall further annoy you with my minor powers over internet.


ON Another note, I shall try to post more lit. this year. It be sucky, but too bad for you. 

'noob out!


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United States
Hello~ I'm Bri, just a strange girl who does strange things. :D I attempt to art, but often fail... >.< and I'd be more then willing to talk! It'll prolly end up weird though... not gonna lie.
初めまして!私はデグルト。ブリアナで”ブリ”て読んでください。WWW 私はへんな女の子です!(^。^)私のかくことはわるいですね?
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