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Lots has happened-- blahbity bloohbity, 

I'm write stuff, happy new year.
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  • Watching: The Screen
  • Playing: Pokemon Y--oh wait, I lost that
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It's been awhile since I wrote a journal, not that I actually have anyone who reads these...

Anywhoo, I am now a college freshman. After three leg surgeries, and some difficulties in getting the people at my school to listen to anything I say, I graduated high school. (huzzah!)

College is easy as far as assignments go, with the exception of maybe math, because well, I never was good at it anyway. I'd say that the hardest part for me is time-management. I'm a horrid procrastinator, and as I'm taking online classes (for half my credits), it gets me up crap-creek without a paddle. Or even a boat. But I'm managing to get my head out of my butt. So i'm not dead, as of yet. 

I'm taking Wyoming/US Government, which is a required course at Casper College, and I'm doing decently enough.  

I'm taking English Comp level 1, and the assignments themselves are pretty easy, so I'm blowing them out of the water with a bazooka. I've had to contact my English Professor via Email several times, and from the responses I've gotten, I'd guess she likes that I can write better than just coherently. (Good thing she's not seen my handwriting, it's simply AWFUL)

Math level 920, basic college Algebra.  Pretty easy, for the most part, I've had some difficulty, but that's because he's essentially rewriting the way I think about it. 

German, level 1 (for CC-goers, that's German 1010). I know words. Sort of. Professor is hilarious, but he is not so good with the going over of the functionality of how to use those words. In another half a semester I'm supposed to be able to speak in basic conversation. I hope I can. As someone who's taken a language (although I'm no master of the Japanese), He moves a bit too fast. Must Study more.

And it's almost midterms. Wow. Halfway over, sort of, already? Holy crap. 

But that is my update to the people that read this that don't actually exist. 
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  • Drinking: The blood of my enemies
I loathe the parts of me that are not yet strong enough to tell you the words, and to push through the walls that would be erected against them. Perhaps when I'm more removed from it? But then what would be the purpose? Too late for anything. 'Could be too late for it now. I feel calmer now. It's unsettling. Calm before the storm? 

Let the emotions in. Feel them, then let go. The emotions are only one piece, they are not all you are. 

Breathe. One day at a time, one step at a time. One foot in front of the other. Only then can you live.

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  • Reading: The box belonging to my new laptop.
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As the title indicates what I was thinking, I do not think it merits repeating. If I posted a story here, It would be protected by copyright. But I have questions. Could a publisher see it here? What would happen if they did? I mean, I want to give it to a publisher, but at the same time, I just don't know.
 Also, a lot of my poems run in the sameish patterns. I just drabble... so yeah. Self consious.
Not a flash of brightness, but a dimming haze
It slows your heart, darkens your gaze

It dims the ache and tells you where
You oughtn't go, here, or there

It fattens your tongue and dulls the ear,
Almost were deaf and blind matters not here

It slows your mind to honey's pace
Where speech and thought become their own race

You don't walk, don't speak, don't think, and don't fear,
Worry not, healing's on it's way here.
  • Watching: The Screen
  • Playing: Pokemon Y--oh wait, I lost that
Lots has happened-- blahbity bloohbity, 

I'm write stuff, happy new year.


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United States
Hello~ I'm Bri, just a strange girl who does strange things. :D I attempt to art, but often fail... >.< and I'd be more then willing to talk! It'll prolly end up weird though... not gonna lie.
初めまして!私はデグルト。ブリアナで”ブリ”て読んでください。WWW 私はへんな女の子です!(^。^)私のかくことはわるいですね?
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What Dark Type Pokemon Are You?
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