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Forward, Not Back
Don't think of your life as a step to hell,
Just keep on walking, you're just as well,
Keep what has passed.
Here is life's story, asked and now told,
Just let the pain be there, the fear, the foretold,
Yet stay yourself, let your soul last.
Though pain and hate and sadness be,
Feel it, step forward, let your soul be free.
Step forward, not back from the shadows sadness shall cast.
Don't close your eyes, as not to fall,
Look high, keep moving, grow wise, grow tall.
When you're taller than all the demons of yourself; your past,
Be their master, they're stories now,
They're gone, at last.
:icontotalfknnoob:Totalfknnoob 2 1
Your words shall not define you here,
Your reputation, like blood, will smear.
I care not for your fancy tongue,
Please finish up, while I am still young.
People judge more on actions still,
Even if not, I've had my fill.
"Emo", "Rocker", "Preppy", these things
and the idiocy I know every one of them brings.
:icontotalfknnoob:Totalfknnoob 1 0
The Wish of One Selfish
With others, my self, its only me
All the same, lonesome maybe.
Though the wish, of a selfish man be,
Just for once, could someone choose me?
:icontotalfknnoob:Totalfknnoob 1 0
One, One out of millions
I am but me.
One in one,
One out of so many.
How am I different,
How I am the same.
Nothing to say as words would be lame.
I fade in the foreground,
I am there yet I am not.
One in so many, I am small
And yet I'm not.
I am different any myself,
No one is quite so same,
And in knowing this,
I seek not for fame.
I am one out of millions, and I'm not truly the same
I am one within millions, and I'm sick of the game.
I am myself, and for that I see no shame.
:icontotalfknnoob:Totalfknnoob 2 0
Matter of Mind
Might as well be greek, to me.
Look again
Understanding, only now do I see.
:icontotalfknnoob:Totalfknnoob 1 0
A piece of paper,
At once crisp and clean.
But once is crumpled,
Twice is spurned.
A rose,
Fresh and pure.
But to grasp,
Blood is shed.
This is trust.
It's not easy, you see.
:icontotalfknnoob:Totalfknnoob 2 2
Watch your Head
Your words write your beginning, your end
So sometimes speak not instead...
Watch your head.
Sometimes they are crass, and crude,
And much anger they will have led,
Watch your head.
You have the grace of a ballerina...
Made of Lead.
Watch your head.
Be mindful where you tread,
Someone might be seeing red,
Watch your head.
:icontotalfknnoob:Totalfknnoob 3 0
Fading, breathing, feeling
Sleep, and peaceful dreaming
Bleeding, fearing, screaming
Nightmare, wretched dreaming
:icontotalfknnoob:Totalfknnoob 3 0
For you
Motivation, spurring action.
Running, jumping, hopping, skipping.
Work and work and work but why?
It doesn't even matter how hard you try,
Unless you work for your happiness,
Others words, truly meaningless.
Work for goals that are yours,
Because if you don't, that's why the tear pours.
So sing! Laugh! Do all of these things,
Do not regret it when death's dark toll rings.
:icontotalfknnoob:Totalfknnoob 1 0
If I...
If I hide, or run away...
Tis not because I have naught to say.
I need some time, just let me stay,
In silence, and peace, of this I pray.
:icontotalfknnoob:Totalfknnoob 2 0
These words
To say it's time to go away,
Tis such a sorrowful thing to say,
My heart, my soul, my pain, my mind
If only all could say, was fine
But truly, it is time to go,
Not like the leaves, who to-and-fro
These words, they hurt, but I know they are true
But know that in this time, that I loved you
:icontotalfknnoob:Totalfknnoob 1 0
Life, Time
The fresh new light
The bright new dawn
The opening eyes
Life, time
The creeping death
The shortening span
The dwindling string
Life, Time
Time will pass
Before you know
Enjoy it always, regret nothing
Life, Time
:icontotalfknnoob:Totalfknnoob 0 0
Shipping -OTP- HEAD canon by Totalfknnoob Shipping -OTP- HEAD canon :icontotalfknnoob:Totalfknnoob 0 2
Watch out
Watch out dearie, here there be monsters
Watch out dearie, to you they harken
Watch out, coming closer now
Watch out, get away, but you don't know how
Watch out for blades, this is a trap
Watch out for fangs, the monster's back
Watch out now, but its too late
You fell back in,
to blood, to pain.
:icontotalfknnoob:Totalfknnoob 2 0
A Mother, A Monster
She is a monster to face,
A saint wrapped in lace,
She speaks with kindness in eyes,
Too bad there are only lies,
She is only here to deceive,
Love and kind word, take your leave,
Perfect actress, great design,
Is this pain her's, or mine?
:icontotalfknnoob:Totalfknnoob 2 2
If Today...
If today is tomorrow's history then let me be its author, seeing and writing, letting nothing be forgotten
If today is tomorrow's love then let me be a dove, soaring and watching, pure and free
If today is tomorrow's judgement day then let me be judged too, as I have spoken, acted and learned
If today is punished for tomorrow's crimes, then let me be punished as well, for who are we to say what might be?
And if today ends, and of tomorrow sings, I'll be waiting in the wings, to hope and love and speak of things,
May we all see what tomorrow brings.
:icontotalfknnoob:Totalfknnoob 2 0


Soul Calibur Lynn Fei-Chun2 by stunzeedkil Soul Calibur Lynn Fei-Chun2 :iconstunzeedkil:stunzeedkil 1 0 crazymikuplz by crazymikuplz crazymikuplz :iconcrazymikuplz:crazymikuplz 243 47 Hatsune Miku-19 (Miku Miku Shite Ageru) by Jerikuto Hatsune Miku-19 (Miku Miku Shite Ageru) :iconjerikuto:Jerikuto 654 60 Hatsune Miku-13 (Wink and Heart) by Jerikuto Hatsune Miku-13 (Wink and Heart) :iconjerikuto:Jerikuto 1,682 147
Beyond Reality Project - Chapter 1 (Part 1)
In the future, Virtual Reality will be widespread and a large portion of the gaming market. Or at least, that was the boy’s dream. Back in those days, Zane Eric Osborne was the lead programmer for what would successfully be the first ever fully functioning Virtual Reality Gaming Interface. It was quite the ambitious project, and especially to one so young to be in charge, fresh out of school, creating the future of his hobby with his own hands. It was truly the dream life for Zane.
Until the company got sick of him.
Chapter 1
The Dead Have No Mouths

I left the cafe in downtown London after breakfast and began walking toward my nearby hotel. I was lucky to get a room so close to a cafe as great as this one, due to their rather impressive chocolate chip waffles. This was not the first time I had been to London, but it was certainly the only time I didn’t need to take a very long cab ride just to get to a meal, and I wasn’t about to complain if it
:iconkingzeox:KingZeoX 2 1
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Hello. I've been inactive for quite some time. I come again to write poetry and to rant, as is tradition.

Happy 2016.


Artist | Student | Other
United States
Hey there! Bri's the name, being a confused young adult is the game. Sometimes, I shit out things on the internet. Like crappy poems. Or memes. I'm presently a world language major, looking to be a translator someday. For something. Like, maybe video games. Or something. I'm presently studying Japanese and German, but let's see how many I can fit in my head!

Hallo! Ich heiße Bri! Manchmal mache ich memes und anderen Dinge. Ich studiere fremde Sprache (meine erste ist Englisch). Jetzt studiere ich Deutsch und Japanisch. Ich möchte zu viele Sprachen lernen.



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